Iron Eagle Feather Project

Iron EagleFeather Project:
A Cultural Repatriation and Recourse

Iron EagleFeather Project is a non-profit organization with a three-fold mission:

  1. Champion the revitalization of Native American culture and traditions.
  2. Develop a model environment on the Rosebud Lakota Sioux Reservation that demonstrates traditional Lakota living, farming, animal husbandry methods designed to protect Mother Earth and promote sustainable lifestyles, resulting in food sovereignty, energy and resource independence.
  3. Facilitate communication and networking between Indigenous communities and non-Indigenous communities.

Levi EagleFeather presents
"The Power of Peaceful Resistance"

Talks at Google, February 27, 2017

A Lakota Tipi

Levi Eaglefeather

Levi EagleFeather

Levi William EagleFeather is a Sicangu Lakota from the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in Rosebud, South Dakota.

At age four, Levi was forcibly removed from his family and adopted to a Nebraskan farming family -- a practice quite common at the time. No longer having access to his community or his culture, he ran away at age 15. By age 17 he joined the US Marine Corps where he served from 1974-78.

Experiencing a cultural reawakening in his 20’s, Levi returned to his Lakota roots and began re-learning the history, ceremony and tradition that is the bedrock of the Lakota lifestyle. During this time, he worked as a union carpenter, then electrician, raised five children and was a foster parent to many at-risk youth.

In the 90’s Levi made it his life’s work to reintroduce the Lakota way by utilizing the emerging cultural revitalization movement. He used the tools he learned from studying Psychology in college and his time spent in the Western world in combination with the ceremony and tradition of his people to work with at-risk youth and adults on and off the Reservation.

Levi has worked in crisis centers, group homes and foster care settings for more than 20 years. He has conducted spiritual camps and workshops using cultural activities for decades.

Past Events

Date Event Location Sponser
February 2, 2017 Beyond Standing Rock Santa Cruz, CA Women’s League for Peace and Freedom;;
Santa Cruz Climate Action Network
February 7, 2017 Beyond Standing Rock Santa Cruz, CA National Association for the Advancement of Colored People;
American Civil Liberties Union, santa Cruz Branch
February 16, 2017 Beyond Standing Rock Santa Cruz, CA People’s Democratic Club
February 17, 2017 Lightning Talk on Cultural Reparation and Restorative Justice Santa Cruz, CA Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History
February 25, 2017 Cultural Workshop Santa Cruz, CA Iron EagleFeather Project
February 27, 2017 The Power of Peaceful Resistance Mountain View, CA Talks at Google

A Lakota Meeting in the Woods late 1800s

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